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Saifee expedition, October 1999

The last resort

The first day was earmarked for load ferrying to summit camp and we returned to C-1 after dumping our equipment at the
site. The next day we all moved to the summit camp, except for Hema, Prem, Shashi and Jung Bahadur, a Nepalese porter who firmly believed a ghost had entered his body at C-1. When we pitched the tents at summit camp the weather was perfect and we were all in high spirits being so close to our destination. The path we had to follow to reach Saifee was to go to the left of the triangular peak visible in the photograph above and take a left turn. Ketan and Vikas, our mountaineer guide, went up ahead to assess the trail and to mark the crevasses so that we could go around them the next day. Harshad, Sameet, Yatin and I got into the tent and started playing Ludo. Suddenly Ketan tapped on our tent door and told us to get ready for the crisis - THERE WAS A SNOWSTORM.

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