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Saifee expedition, October 1999

Alright, bring them mountains out

Shashi, Hema and Prem wanted to stay back at the C-1 but decided to climb till the summit camp site just to see what it looked like. Here an exhausted Shashi takes stock of the situation after climbing the steep rock patch. Movement in these parts of mountains had become extremely tough because big rocks were strewn all over  the place and it was impossible to move fast and snow shoes were essential. There was always the danger of losing the balance, or slipping on a piece of slippery rock while moving about on this terrain and hence the progress was very slow. Add to it the fact that it was almost impossible to move more than 50 paces in a go without having to stop to catch the breath and to drink some water and you have pure, unadulterated agony.

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copyright 1999 Anurag Sharma
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