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Saifee expedition, October 1999

Over the hills and far away

We had a small stop for lunch, at around 1 pm and then we moved on, the destination seeming to be very close, though it was not. The white peak visible in the background is Shri Kailash, a 25000 feet high summit, which requires six camps to reach the top. The terrain from now onward was extremely rugged, full of small stones and loose gravel. The air was very thin since we were higher than Tapovan by the time we reached Rakta Van, our base camp site. The climb seemed to be very gradual but was extremely long and kept going up without relenting. It was a hard day's climb and at around 4:00 pm we reached the campsite. The sight of tents was a very welcome feeling and I felt rejuvenated to be one camp closer to the final destination.

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copyright 1999 Anurag Sharma
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