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Saifee expedition, October 1999

I don't like the looks of this climb

Finally we split up with the trekking group and moved on till Gomukh glacier, where we were supposed to climb over the
glacier itself (we had done this the previous day while going to Tapovan also, and it is a slightly unnerving experience for
once in a while you hear a rock sliding, a stone falling, ice crackling somewhere) and climb a VERY steep trail. Here I
caught Sameet contemplating the gradient of the climb, the chances he had of joinging the trekking group if he dropped all his supplies and ran right back, and other alternatives in life. You can see mica dust all over his face, his shades and his jacket. The glacier was abundant with mica and many other interesting stones. Unfortunately I won't be able to recount the names of any of the stones since I have had no formal education in the subject. When I want to classify stones I do that as "small", "medium", "heavy", "in his hand, hence dangerous" and "he he he (viciously)".

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