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Saifee expedition, October 1999

Good old Sun, won't you come?

We woke up the next morning, which was the coldest yet for all of us. All the expedition members could be seen
gamboling in the cold, running after birds and being happy in general for it was time for them to go back to the warmer
pastures. It was incredibly cold and the porters got hold of firewood from somewhere and almost everybody in the camp
was around the fire, trying to steal as much warmth as possible. We had a few shots of the whole group together, which
unfortunately I don't have. Rana bhai asked us to pack all the stuff we could leave behind since he planned to send
whatever stuff he could send back with the porters to Uttarkashi. All the expedition members individually advised me to
leave back my tripod, which really is not too heavy. I suspect foul play to this date, but for once I was not my headstrong
self, and decided to be a team player and leave my tripod stand behind. I regret that decision to this date. There were
many a shots just waiting to be taken, but I didn't have a solid support for my camera. So if you see any promising
pictures in the rest of the slide show, please write a strong worded mail to fmy colleagues in Fluent India with the subject "Anurag could have carried his tripod, you oafs!"

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