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Saifee expedition, October 1999

What's cooking?

One of the toughest jobs on an expedition is that of a cook. Most of the cooks are expert climbers, and also act as
porters during the load ferry from one camp to the next, having to carry as much as 30 kgs on their backs. Imagine a
group of 20 people, staying in the mountains for 10 days, exerting their bodies like they have never done before and
eating like that too. Assuming that each person eats around one kg of food everyday, the consumables add up to around
200 kgs themselves. Add to it the weight of cooking fuel, stoves, utensils and the porters' sleeping bags and equipments
and you can imagine how tough a porter's job must be. Seen here are the cooks at the first camp cooking the staple diet
of the expedition - rice and daal. Andy Young was extremely fond of this delicacy and rumour has it that he frequents the
Indian restaurants in Sheffield when he feels like eating out. :-)

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