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Saifee expedition, October 1999

Snow structures

While we were climbing one of the crevasses I ran into trouble. This here was a big crevasse and I started sinking. Yatin,
ahead of me was having trouble trying to find his way and was unable to help me out by pulling me, and Sameet, behind
me, wasn't able to either. The more I struggled to get out, the more I sank. I went down upto my chest into the snow.
Trying to dig my axe into the snow and pulling on to it wasn't any use either because the snow all around me was powdery and pretty deep. I had to really push the axe all the way into the snow and somehow climb out of the crevasse. But in the process my camera got completely buried in the snow, and I decided to stop shooting for the fear of damaging the equipment. So this is the last snow shot I have, a beautiful snow structure on one of the crevasses. We went back to the summit camp that day, back to C-1 the next day while Andy, Balu, Rana bhai and Govind claimed the peak in a last ditch effort. Hats off to them!!

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copyright 1999 Anurag Sharma
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