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Saifee expedition, October 1999

Contrasting dresses

The only shot in which I make an appearance. Paresh volunteered to shoot this photo, and I'm glad he did, because I
don't really have any proof of me being a part of the expedition. Andy and I stand outside the tent which witnessed many a radical chess sessions. Andy always beat me when I tried to play a normal game, but got thrown off guard when I started playing differently. But I still remember Andy salvaging an almost lost game against me and Harshad in the Bhojbasa camp. I had carried a small magnetic chess board, and a board which had Ludo, Snakes and Ladders and Race to finish on the same board. For Rs. 12 that was not a bad deal at all and came in very handy at the summit camp.

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copyright 1999 Anurag Sharma
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