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Saifee expedition, October 1999

Hide and seek

By now  we were within 2 kms of our destination, but had slowed down considerably due to the fatigue of
having walked the whole day with heavy backpacks and the fact that we were not accustomed to breathing in the
increasingly thin air. To complicate matters further, there wasn't much time left before the Sun got totally hidden by the
mountains. The situtation was frightening for a new trekker, but a photographer's delight. Also, by now the whole group had become rather dispersed and the last members were probably still at Cheerbasa. Most of the porters had reached the campsite at Bhojbasa, but we had decided to help them pitch the tents up and so they were waiting for the expedition
members. The temperature had really started dropping fast and was close to freezing point. Many of the expedition members were snappy, short-tempered and irritable due to the trying circumstances andconversations were short and few.

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