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Saifee expedition, October 1999

Blue pond

The first day at Bhojbasa was slated for an acclimatisation walk till the Gomukh glacier - origin of river Bhagirathi. The walk till the glacier was very enjoyable and easy. We stopped to have some tea and noodles, exchanged jokes,
patted each other on the back and tried to steal each other's food. The terrain by now had deteriorated to a quality I've
only seen reproduced in the roads of Pune city. There were rocks everywhere, of varying shapes and sizes, and walking
on them was a tricky task. Some rocks were massive and you could have played Soccer on them, while others were
deceptively shaky as Yatin realised when the rock he was sitting on slid quite some distance, leaving the spectators very shaken. Yatin was unfazed because he is so accident-prone that this was not something out of ordinary for him.

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